Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WOW Wednesday

So, I realized last week doing a post EVERYDAY was too much for me.  I am going to interchange Wednesday and Thursdays – I feel like I can keep it fresher that way and I won’t feel so pressured to have a post daily.

But for this WOW Wednesday, I am going to share with you an email a girl from high school, sent me now a friend from FB wrote to me that literally made me cry:

“Honestly ... YOU wow me! I read your blogs, I look at your pictures & I see how you radiate through the crap that is going on in your life & I'm awe-inspired by your strength & how you make cancer beautiful & amazing. I could honestly say if I was standing in your shoes I would be a complete mess inside & out. I love your spirit, I love your candidness & I love how open & raw you are about the "ICKS" of cancer. You are truly an amazing example of beauty!! We weren't friends in school & I'm honestly sorry about that. Sorry I didn't make an effort because I adore the Renee I know on FB! I missed out on getting to know the Renee before. I pray for you & your 2 gentlemen daily. I pray that if I EVER have to walk this path .. That I can be as courageous as Renee!!”
And I kind of chuckle to myself when people tell me we weren’t friends in high school…honestly, I was pretty b*tchy in high school. Looking back I think...I know...I was insecure with myself, my faith, my everything and it was just easier to put up walls and keep people verses making myself venerable…thank goodness I am not like that anymore…I am venerable all over the place these days!

But here is the thing...I honestly believe every single person could be the way I am with cancer because I believe God gives me the grace daily to be this way. Yes I have a choice everyday when I wake to think, OH boo hoo stage IV cancer is such a bad thing, poor me, poor situation, wah, wah, wha - blah OR say what I do say – whatever…it is what it is, put my big girl panties on and pray that God gives me the grace to make it through the day. We can all pray for that grace and accept it with an open heart.
Here is a new picture...I believe each one of us color the world in our special way.


  1. Your work is gorgeous and so is your spirit! Have a blessed day & thanks for the twitter follow :) Blessings, Heidi

  2. Thank you Heidi! Our spirit is truly all we have, so need to shine it bright!
    With love,