Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new hero

Okay, so I can’t do it…I can’t keep my schedule with all the same names…I feel too confined, and I don’t do well feeling confined. If someone tries to put me in a box, I will break out of that box as quick as I can…SO, out with the schedule!

I started taking this class by Jeanne Oliver and am in love with her, with her style, with her way of doing business, and her cute personality! I want my business to be like hers – I want to run it with the love and integrity she runs her with.

Every day I get more into the business side of it, I make more sales to people I don’t know (yes, I gauge success on selling to strangers because I think my friends and family only buy from me because they love me…not just for the art), I see other “normal” people doing it – making a living for their family, loving their job and finding themselves more everyday while at it all. I see that and I am learning that I can be one of these people…I am turning into one of these people…I am one of these people!

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