Friday, April 27, 2012

Day in pictures

Okay, here I go again…changing it all up on you!

I saw this idea on another blog (SORRY, I can’t remember who), but I really liked it.

Here is our day in photos!

Starting in the left upper corner and going clockwise:
1. Us at the swimming pool! Yes it is warm enough here in Austin to swim, No Ian wouldn't smile at camera.
2. Lots of paper boarders ready to use on canvases!
3. Got my paint on this afternoon
4. My order list!  I am still trying to figure out a way to organize all these orders...any suggestions are very welcomed!

 1. It was Eric's birthday and Ian wanted to throw him a surprise party in the morning!
2. Overnight oats and coffee
3. Ian with this sucker things from his Easter basket
4. life is consumed with Skylanders
1. Sushi take-out
2. The best cupcakes ever.  Yes, I go off my no sugar for a cupcake every now and then!
You should try this - to document your day with is fun to see the day in a few pictures.

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