Do you have formal art training?
No – none.  I have been “crafting” for as long as I can remember and am constantly finding my style.

How did you develop your style?
I think I started finding my style about 4 years ago – my friends had a Stampin’ Up rep come to my 30th birthday party.  We made mini scrapbooks…I feel in love.  I became a SU rep, but hated the sales of it…I am NOT a sales person. While doing cards, I starting finding my style.  I stopped being a rep, but continued holding monthly card classes and with this my style further developed. Then I wanted canvases to hang on the walls in our home and started painting – I took a few on-line classes that my mom and aunt paid for because they knew how much I loved to paint and wanted to encourage me to continue while going through cancer treatments. Along with my husband, they have always been my biggest encouragers and supporters telling me the I have more ability than I give myself credit for.
So, I took the classes, dabbled a bit here and there and still didn’t like my style.

My aunt told me about some stuff she saw in a cute boutique by Kelly Rae Roberts – I quickly became obsessed with looking at her stuff…I love the layers, the love and everything that her stuff embraced. 
So, I took my card making skills, my new found paint skills, my sewing machine, my love for textures, colors and patterns and went for it. 

What all tools do you use?
Well, A LOT!  I love tools!!
I use: tissue paper, scrapbook paper, cheap acrylic paints, LOTs of modge podge, sewing machine,  sizzix machine, printer, stamps, ink, random things for different patterns and textures, fiber castle pens, gel pen and punches.

Have you always had this much faith?
No – I have always believed in and loved God, but it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I truly started depending on Him, learned more about Jesus and His love and completely embraced it.

Do you pray every day?
Yes, I do…I try to pray many times I day.  I say many, MANY prayers of gratitude throughout the day. I found this awesome book called, Praying in Color, which has completely changed my prayer life…I LOVE IT.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time sitting down and focusing on prayers…I was that person now I can easily sit in prayer for 30 minutes at a time!