Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday

I am still getting into the swing of having an art/business blog along with the cancer/family blog.  I am striving to strike a balance between my art to let y’all see what I am creating and not talking about myself the whole time…I really don’t like to talk about me. I am also seeing that I need a schedule of events because left to my own devices – well, stuff either tends to not get done because I have too many things I want to get done and I am all over the place or I do completely random things and nothing seems in synch.

I think I am going to try this for the next few weeks and see what y’all think about.
I will have a schedule of events (and yes, they can change as I see fit J

Manic Monday – to help ease the pain of your Monday, I will find some awesome eye candy for you look at.  More than likely it will be crafts of some sort, but you will never know what is waiting for you here on Monday to make it a little better!
Tuesday Teaser – I will show you a little snippet of a canvas I am working on.

Wow Wednesday – not sure yet what this will entail, but I couldn’t resist the name!
Thankful Thursday – what are you thankful for? I will have a prompt to help get you thinking of what you are thankful for and ways to share it.

Fab Friday – HA! Again, I could resist the name – yes, I am a big dork – the more you stay here with me, the more you will realize this! And yes, I totally laugh at myself all the time. You will get to see the whole picture I showed you a snippet of on Tuesday and I will announce what drawing/winning/something fun will be going on next few days.
I hope this “schedule” works – like I said, I am just going to try it out to help me have some structure – yes, I need structure and a to-do list to actually get anything done.

SO for the first Manic Monday, check out this great stuff:

Flickr 802

I SEW (HA HA) want these pillow cases…however, I can’t bring myself to pay that much for them..YIKES! I think I am going to find someone on Etsy to crochet me a small border and just sew the border on already made pillow cases – too cute!

And beauty! – I have to make. 
Pinned Image
I am going to put on wall right when you walk into my house. I can’t use a door though because the wall isn’t long enough, so I am going to have hubby build me something to look like old door and my mom told me she would distress it for me when she is here in May – score! I will show you pictures of finished project – hopefully soon!
Have a great Monday! I hope you are out of your sugar coma from all that Easter candy!

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