About Me

Let’s start with first things first – I am a horrible speller, so when you see random misspelled words on this blog – sorry. 
Second thing, I believe I am a walking miracle. Let’s get the elephant out of the room…I have/had cancer.  Not sure what I am classified as now.  I am what they call “NED” no evidence of disease! A brief back story: September, 2008 found a lump that turned out to be breast cancer…triple negative.  Had 4 months of chemo, lumpectomy & radiation and was deemed “clear”!
Made the best decision of my life: to stay home with then 20 month-old son.
We were be bopping through life, then BAM! March, 2011: went in for yearly CT scan, received the call I never wanted to receive again, “you need to come in today…there is something on your scan.” Lots of tests/scans/biopsy later we learned I am now stage IV cancer – it moved to my lungs, lymphnodes and bones. BUT, now I am NED after 10 months of chemo – a few different cocktails, a trial drug that I am still on, and SO many prayers.
If you want to read more of my cancer story, please visit my other blog: Team S
I believe in God, I believe He gave me a miracle after I surrendered myself to Him, I believe Jesus was perfect and we should all try to love how He loved and be like Him.
My art: I have always been a “crafter.” Crafting has taken me down many different roads all leading up to me painting canvases with all the different techniques, tools and fun stuff I have acquired over time. I feel that God gave me this talent to help Him work through me to spread His love – to remind people He is here and loves us.
Not all of my stuff is “faith” based, but all of it is filled with inspiring words of love, kindness, hope, encouragement, etc…which I feel is all from God.
I hope you find encouragement, hope, faith, love and so much more in my painting.
 I pour my heart into each one and I totally hope you feel the love also.