Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Feature: Glitter And Grunge Studio

Linda Pinda is a mixed-media/abstract artist who lives in the heart of southern New England. Linda's work often reflects her faith, love of children, and the wonder and whimsies of life. Her husband and business partner, Michael,  is a musician. Together, they are raising six children in their humble home, which has come to be known as Glitter and Grunge Studio. Their children have all inherited musical and artistic talents, and every day becomes quite the melodic, beautiful mess.

The signature of Linda's work is the texture and grunginess, which represents for her all the gorgeous age and history of life and the world about her. But it is touched ever so gently with a hint of glitter representing light and love.

Linda's work can be found at

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I went to a Reiki session Tuesday night – I felt negative energy building up and I wanted it cleared out…I didn’t know what it was – I felt the bad food creeping back into me, I felt me picking up on Eric’s stress – I just felt bad energy and I wasn’t having it.
She told me my heart charka is wide open, but my throat charka was a little tight – that I need to work on speaking the whole truth – not just what I think others want to hear…she is so right – I sometimes don’t tell exactly what I think/feel with a fear of not being totally accepted. 

There is a lot more from the session that I will write about, but for now I am going to start working on my whole truth – even if you think I am weird for it.

Mixed Media Butterfly

~I believe in Angels – that they can and do want to talk with us, guide us, direct us – I believe God uses Angels in our lives all the time.
~People’s negative energy really effects – I need to learn to “block” their energy and not let it change my mood.
~I have a love/hate relationship with food. It should be easy – it is JUST food, but it so isn’t easy.
Inspirational butterfly Mixed Media Canvas

So there you go - just a few of my WHOLE truths...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Manic Monday

I know, I know – I sound like a broken record, I can’t believe it is Monday AND I can’t believe June is almost over…seriously.

A big welcome to visitors from the Pinterest Project.

Here are some new Cancer Love Girls that Dr. H ordered for patient rooms!

 It reads:
You are braver then you believe and stronger than you seem

It reads:
Hope is the dream of a soul awake

I made this to represent Dr. H. She is a true angel and I want her to know how awesome I (and SO many others think she is)
It reads:
You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself

So, here to my new adventure....I feel great things happening!

Some fun goodies for you to look at today:

Pinned Image
And I want to know (THE TRUTH PLEASE) can I wear one of these or am I too old and it would look super ridiculous??

Pinned Image
I have this on my "will someone sew me this board?" I think people think I am joking - I.AM.SERIOUS!
If you sew and want to do a little trade - email me!!

Pinned Image
The idea of an organized office is pure bliss...

I love Pinterest!  If you are on there, follow me

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winner winner Chicken Dinner

I really wonder where that saying came from?!?!

I have two winners for you today:
The Winner of the $20 share this post is Megan Davis Vargas!
The Winner of the $25 "pin it to win it" is Sheila Rumney

Can both of you please email me at to get your gift certificate!

Thanks for all who took part!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Feature - Meet Liz from LuLu's

A little ditty about me:

My name is Liz Bradley, and I own two shops. One is called LuLu's fine home furnishings and the other is Little LuLu's. I opened LuLu's in 2005, naming it after my great grandmother, whom I have such fond memories of. She passed away when I was quite little and I wanted to honor her by naming my store after her, but I also wanted my store to reflect her effortless grace and flawless taste. So, the name just fit. Little LuLu's is a children's shop, and it was born in the late fall of 2010.

In addition to the shops, we also offer decorating services, and staging. 

I have a hubby that still takes my breathe away, two girlie-girls with the biggest personalities you have ever experienced (this is sometimes good and sometimes bad~like when you get a call from school or a get out of my room kind of battle).

I have a blog, which is where I like to share all the goings on at the shops and the cottage that we live in.

You can also find me twice a month on our local tv stations and in articles I write monthly for our local publications.  And just to round it all out, we also participate in shows near and far including the Country Living magazine fairs and the Nashville Garden and Antique show.  Check our website for dates and times.

My passions are spending time with my family (I could seriously not leave the house), decorating our cottage and making it a home, junking (not shopping, there is a BIG difference), music, entertaining our friends and family, and ironically photography and cooking (ironic because I cannot do either very well at all, scratch that, I am terrible at both! But that doesn't take away the passion.)  All of these things that I love to do, whether they turn out good or bad, I prefer to do in boots and statement jewelery.

Visit Liz at:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winner and new chance for gift certificate

Deborah - you are the winner of the $20 to my etsy store.  Please email at:

Here is a new chance to win:
Visit my Facebook page

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That will automatically enter you to win a $25 gift certificate to my etsy store!

I am currently working on new things to put in my store, so you will have lots of goodie to chose from!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I never know where I actually find these sites – I think I stumbled on it from Facebook (from looking at someone else’s likes – you know how it goes – once you start down the rabbit hole there is no stopping!)

In addition to finding this site, I have been looking through this book by Kelly Rae Roberts I bought a few months ago. She talks a lot about dreaming big – so big, HUGELY…to really push out of our own boxes that we build around ourselves – dreams o f our wildest imaginations…especially with business.

“If you could do anything, and money was no object, and you could not fail, what would you do?”

She also says to share these dreams with others, so I thought hey – let’s share them here. Here is a close up view to my soul:

Close Up of flower

My business dreams:

~Have art (both cancer love girls & larger inspirational canvases) hanging in oncology units all across the country…ok, let’s go with world and let’s go with all kinds of doctor’s offices and hospitals…it is hard and scary to make it this big.

~Send a few canvases to celebrity moms with store fronts in hope of them picking up my stuff to carry in store.  Tori Spelling is on my list – any other ideas????

~Have Tori Spelling love my stuff so much, she wants to host an art show for me in LA!!! (BIG DREAM!)

~Have an art show with 300 people in attendance.

~Eric to be able to stop working his 8-5 “need to show up” job. My art make enough for him to do consulting work from home – this way we can travel whenever for however long we want to if he isn’t tied down to a “need to show up” job.

~Travel in RV to different art shows across the country.

~Host multiple “Project Sending Love” campaigns a month – to help others with the finical burdens of cancer treatment.

~Get a licensing deal with a company for my stuff to sell in gift shops all over (not really sure how to even start this_
~Get published in "artsy" magazine (working on this right now)

I get the most peaceful feeling evening writing these goals…it is that feeling that makes me believe these are all so right for me/us/the business. That feeling that makes me know these goals are from God.

Life dreams:

~NEVER EVER EVER  EVER EVER NEVER need to be on full out chemo EVER again.

~To raise Ian as a happy/empathic/faithful/educated/courageous/loving child

~Live on the water – even a lake would do…actually a lake would be ideal.  I don’t want to live on the ocean - you know, hurricanes and all!

~Have a boat – well 2 boats.  Eric wants a sail boat and I want a fast boat – I think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of boat they want!!!

~Travel around the world with Eric and Ian

~go on a yoga/mediation retreat at once a year

~See my high school friends at least one a year – do a trip with them.

I think this is a good list to start with and I feel I am on my way to a lot of these dreams – well on my way.

I have to continue to tell myself to be brave for 20 seconds – that is all it takes is 20 seconds of courage and our life can change from those 20 seconds.

Here is to your 20 seconds.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday

This was a blah weekend – I had zometa on Friday which always leaves me tired and a little achy – think light flu….think blah. Thankfully I only have zometa every 6 weeks.
Two fun things are going on here:

Like my Facebook page by Tuesday for your chance to win a $20 to my Etsy store.  Comment on thispost that you like it to be entered.

“Pin It to Win It” – pin your favorite Cancer Love Girl from this post.  I will draw a name on Saturday for a $25 gift certificate to my Etsy store.
I feel like I am learning how to bloom.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
In love

Pinned Image
I ordered ones of the telephoto lens...SO EXCITED!! I am determined to be able to use my phone for my camera...determined!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterst and $25 Gift Certificate give away!!

I know…not really like me to post on a Saturday – eh, I had some pictures I wanted to share so I thought I would go for it!
I put on brave pants yesterday, took some cancer lover girls to my oncologist to show her in hopes of her ordering some, AND she did.  She order one for each of her patient rooms and told me she would totally help me get into all the other Texas Oncology…I am ready to fly!

The big ole links under the pictures "should" work - if you know how to make a pin it button - let me know - email me and you get another entry into drawing!

Here are the ones I took to show her:

<a href="" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /></a>

<a href="" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /></a>

<a href="" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /></a>

<a href="" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /></a>

This is where Pinterest and the $25 gift certificate to my etsy store come into to play!

I want to have a “Pin It to Win It” contest – you pin your favorite Cancer Love Girl and I will draw a name for a $25 gift certificate next Saturday – you have a full week!

On your mark, get set, PIN!

AND if you can tell me how to have "pin it" button verses that ole link under the pictures - there is an extra entry for you!!  If you know, please email at

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Hop

So, I couldn’t think of a more creative name for the blog hop! With my creative class, a very sweet lady organized all this hop – we each sent a gift to another, and received one in return by a different class mate.

I received an awesome typography sign from Studio 4:13 by Lisa.

This woman sounds great – from the letter she wrote me I totally know we could be friends in “real life.”  Her business name is from her favorite bible verse: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all through him who gives me strength.”  SO TRUE!

Here is what I received in the mail…I was gushing like a little girl when I saw it!

Really, my pictures don't do it justice - my camera skills are there yet (where exactly, I am not sure!)

Here are the other blogs on the hop!  Go visit them – who knows, there might be some good give aways out there!?!?
And for you people who hoped over here a little gift for you...well, a chance to win one!
Like my Facebook page, come back here an leave me a comment that you liked it and I will draw a name Tuesday, June 19th at 8:00 p.m...for what you are wondering?? A $20 gift certificate to my etsy store.
Have a great day and have fun looking at all the new yummy stuff out there!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love You Canvases

I finally got the canvases done for the people who donated $150 to my Art Bra Campaign to benefit the BCRC of Austin.

I will be sending them out on Thursday, so if you are expecting one it should be arriving soon!

Don’t worry if you missed out on these - I will be offering these again for the upcoming Mamba Jamba fundraiser we will be raising money for – the 3 of us will ride our bikes 13 miles in October. AND I am starting to work on a BIG canvas (I think it is 18X24) (I want to start doing larger canvases...more about that next week!) for people to donate to Mamba Jamba and every $5 donated is a chance to win the canvas…should be a lot of fun! Hopefully I will have it done within a week or so with pictures ready to start showing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday

Yes, I will probably say this every Monday – I can NOT believe another weekend has flown by and it is Monday – crazy.
We had a fabulous weekend.  Saturday Ian and I met up with one of my old high school friends and her 2 kids to go swimming.  It was great catching up with her.

Sunday we rented a party barge out of lake Travis.  Eric and I wanted a way to say thank you to our close friends who did SO much for us while I was going through treatment – a way to tell them that they made one of the worst times of our lives doable.

It was really a blast...the boys wanted to know when we got to do this...well, maybe after they all get a job!

Pinned Image
I LOVE this table...LOVE IT

Pinned Image

Love the idea of adding a frame WITH a background to letters...will be doing this soon

Pinned Image

I will be making these this week! Her overnight oats are wonderful,
so I can only imagine a yummy smoothie!!

Also, I changed my name on Pinterest - to be all EmbracingLifeLoveArt - hope to see you over there!

Have a great Monday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Feature - Tippy Stockton Jewelry

Meet Patricia from Tippy Stockton Jewelry. And WOW, you will be amazed at her awesome jewelry - I can't wait to get a bracelet from her shop!  Enjoy~

Tippy Stockton Jewelry came to be in August of 2009.  But I have to back up a bit to explain.  In April of 2008, my Dad passed away.  He had been fighting Cancer for many years; many more years than the doctors had ever expected him to live.  But determination and a fiery Irish attitude allowed him 6 more years with us.  While his death was sad, it was expected.  What was not expected was the Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis that was given to my Mom just a few short weeks after Dad passed away.  My dear, sweet Mom was taken from us in January, 2009.  My world was turned upside down.  I found myself in the depths of a very deep depression.  I had quit my job as a manager of a Home Decor/Nursery to take care of my Mom, so here I was so depressed and with no job, and I felt no future.  While tending to my parents affairs, my husband and neighbor built me what is today known as the Tippy Stockton Studio.  Yes, upon my return from California, there stood 4 walls to a darling little Studio just steps from my back door.  But what to do???  I had made jewelry for myself in the past, but never really gave it a thought that I could actually make a business out of it.  With a few boxes of beads, some wire and tools, I started beading.  I was the little girl who spent hours pouring through my Grandmother and Mom's jewelry boxes.  When I finally opened Mom's jewelry box, I was surprised to find over 20 pairs of Rosary Beads.  Before my Mom was my Mom, she was a nun.  You could say I had a bit of a light bulb moment.  I began making necklaces and bracelets with the medals and crosses from my Mom's stash of goodies.  So I made it my mission . . . whenever I was out junking, I would look for religious articles that I could use in my jewelry.  But it didn't stop there.  I found some amazing filigrees from an ETSY seller that have been the mainstay in my line ever since Lucky Magazine featured my Barcelona Earrings as a Fall Pick in their October 2009 magazine.  It was at that point that I knew that this was what I am supposed to be doing. 

In August, 2011 I launched my very own website @  I still retain my ETSY shop for the exposure, but most of my time and effort is spent keeping my own site fresh and up to date.  In addition, I currently sell to over 30 stores in the United States, and have been featured in several magazines.  I'm married to the love of my life John, and together we have a wonderful son Kellan who is 24 and an amazing mini Aussie named Chloe.   We live in Edmonds, WA, a lovely little seaside community on Puget Sound.  Through sadness, a new life has emerged for me, one that I'm really proud of.  I feel the loving embrace of my parents each day as I bead away in my sweet Studio. 

Feel free to stop by my blog @ where you will find a post about the Giveaway I'm having in conjunction with this blog feature.  Simply leave me a note about your favorite summertime activity, like my facebook page @, and I'll enter your name to win one of my Blessed Bracelets (you choose the color and finish).  I'll pick a winner on August 15. In the meantime, I hope you'll love perusing my website @  

Have an amazing Summer, and thanks for stopping by.  I hope you'll visit again!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something new

While getting ready for the Friday Feature tomorrow, the lady who I am featuring emailed me her pictures and I was WOW!
I then found how she did it -  PicMonkey.  Have you seen this?  How could I have not have known about this awesome site until now??  I.DON'T.KNOW!

It makes these awesome collages - and it is EASY, FUN AND FREE!!

I am in love with it!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chemo Brain

People always ask me what “chemo brain” is and what it feels like…well, it sucks is what it feels like, and I am not sure what it really is. The best way to describe it so the masses will understand it is to say it is like pregnancy brain on steroids (literally) or post partum brain.

I used to be able to remember the most random details about almost anything – now; I can’t remember whole events that took place in my life.

I used to not need to keep a calendar or list – I had it all in my mind – now, I can’t for the life of me remember dates or a store list without a list/calendar.

I will forget a simple word in the middle of talking.

I ask Eric, Marci and Gina the same things multiple times.  I vaguely remember asking them said thing, but I never remember their answer.

I will be mid-sentence and completely forget what I was talking about….completely.

I can read mindless books, but books with any “technical degree” totally don’t make sense to me…which makes it really hard for me to read and figure out how to read about marketing my business…nothing makes sense!

Chemo brain sucks…I feel ignorant because I remember that I don’t remember and know that I don’t know what I used to know.

I wonder if this is how people with Alzheimer’s feel like when they first develop it.  They know they should remember, but their brain just won’t let me remember?

Oh well…maybe my brain is trying to forget all the crap I have been through with chemo.  I guess as I long as I remember the love I have for others and that others have for me…I don’t need to remember all the other stuff…but, honestly – it would be nice to remember.

Monday, June 4, 2012

These weeks are flying by – I can’t believe it is June already – I mean really, where has half the year gone?

I can’t say that I am said mother’s day out summer camp starts this week though…Tuesday and Thursday here I come!  It has been a bit of struggle these last few weeks having Ian home full-time.  I think if I didn’t still have treatment 2 days a week we would be fine, but alas – I do and I need a break…hey, honesty is important!

I had a show yesterday at Round Rock Market Days.  I did pretty well - after booth fee and paying a girl to work my booth I brought home around $80ish – worth it?!?!  I am still trying to decide.
My sign!  I love it...I am going to add a few more touches to it, but I am loving the bigger canvases. I am about to start working on 3 big ones - one for a friend's daughter's room (can anyone say yummy purple); one for the infusion room at oncology office; and one to raise money for our family bike riding team to support Mamba Jamba (YES, I will let yall know details on that in week or so)

I love my chicken wire!

Here are some fun pictures of things I want to do this summer - either around the house, with Ian or just because!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

THIS IS TILE...SO want this for my master bath re-do!!
Can't find source for picture :(

Yall have a great day.