Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I never know where I actually find these sites – I think I stumbled on it from Facebook (from looking at someone else’s likes – you know how it goes – once you start down the rabbit hole there is no stopping!)

In addition to finding this site, I have been looking through this book by Kelly Rae Roberts I bought a few months ago. She talks a lot about dreaming big – so big, HUGELY…to really push out of our own boxes that we build around ourselves – dreams o f our wildest imaginations…especially with business.

“If you could do anything, and money was no object, and you could not fail, what would you do?”

She also says to share these dreams with others, so I thought hey – let’s share them here. Here is a close up view to my soul:

Close Up of flower

My business dreams:

~Have art (both cancer love girls & larger inspirational canvases) hanging in oncology units all across the country…ok, let’s go with world and let’s go with all kinds of doctor’s offices and hospitals…it is hard and scary to make it this big.

~Send a few canvases to celebrity moms with store fronts in hope of them picking up my stuff to carry in store.  Tori Spelling is on my list – any other ideas????

~Have Tori Spelling love my stuff so much, she wants to host an art show for me in LA!!! (BIG DREAM!)

~Have an art show with 300 people in attendance.

~Eric to be able to stop working his 8-5 “need to show up” job. My art make enough for him to do consulting work from home – this way we can travel whenever for however long we want to if he isn’t tied down to a “need to show up” job.

~Travel in RV to different art shows across the country.

~Host multiple “Project Sending Love” campaigns a month – to help others with the finical burdens of cancer treatment.

~Get a licensing deal with a company for my stuff to sell in gift shops all over (not really sure how to even start this_
~Get published in "artsy" magazine (working on this right now)

I get the most peaceful feeling evening writing these goals…it is that feeling that makes me believe these are all so right for me/us/the business. That feeling that makes me know these goals are from God.

Life dreams:

~NEVER EVER EVER  EVER EVER NEVER need to be on full out chemo EVER again.

~To raise Ian as a happy/empathic/faithful/educated/courageous/loving child

~Live on the water – even a lake would do…actually a lake would be ideal.  I don’t want to live on the ocean - you know, hurricanes and all!

~Have a boat – well 2 boats.  Eric wants a sail boat and I want a fast boat – I think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of boat they want!!!

~Travel around the world with Eric and Ian

~go on a yoga/mediation retreat at once a year

~See my high school friends at least one a year – do a trip with them.

I think this is a good list to start with and I feel I am on my way to a lot of these dreams – well on my way.

I have to continue to tell myself to be brave for 20 seconds – that is all it takes is 20 seconds of courage and our life can change from those 20 seconds.

Here is to your 20 seconds.


  1. So beautifully written, Renee! It is scary allowing yourself to dream big. Especially not editing those dreams while formulating them! I would love to live somewhere where I am surrounded with lots of trees.. do you believe I park my car in parking lots under trees? Even if it's scrawny.. even if it's a distance to my destination.. my car is treated to that luxury. Ha, ha!! Anyway, the editing starts when I realize that my husband has a voice in that decision. I make my voice smaller. Even though we are equal partners. It's not him doing this.. it's me. So silly, but true. Thanks for sharing YOUR truths!

  2. Thank you Kadee. You are so right - it is scary to dream this big, BUT I have to remember everyone who is where I want to be started out where I am now.
    Enjoy the is hot here in Austin!!