Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Sending Love

I am SO SO SO SO excited – SO excited!!!

I finally did it.  I finally set up a campaign for Project Sending Love to benefit one of my fellow Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and now stage IV thiver with me!

I told her of this idea and she was so excited and jumped on board!

When I was diagnosed the first time, a friend did this for me with hand-made cards.  My family got a little over $1,000 from the fundraiser, and I have since then said I WILL do this for others.  As with most things I do, it took a few trial and error runs, but I got it now!

How it will work (and YES, I will be doing this A LOT MORE…I really want to start a non-profit with this, but baby-steps is what I keep telling myself!) oh, back to how it will work.

I sent out an email to my friend’s family and friend.

I will donate 50% of all postcard sells to her.

When they check out on my Etsy store, they just put her name in the comments box.

I will keep a tally and send her a check monthly.  Her family can use this money however they want/need.
I am working on new designs for birthday cards, gift bag cards (to use as a tag/card esp. for children's birthdays) and more!

Do you have anyone would you like to do this for?  Email me – like I said, I SO want to do this for as many people as I can.

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  1. You are an Angel! I will definitely check out the cards AND spread the word with family and friends. Your cards are beautiful! I want the love one to frame!