Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday

It was another crazy weekend, but this one was topped with AWESOME NEWS (my PET scan from Thursday was “absolutely clear”)!!!!!  And Zometa…my bone strengthening chemo that adds another layer of tired to my already tired body…I am tired today.

But I have my mom hear for the next two weeks that I am more than excited about, but a week of that my hubby will be out of the country :(

Also, this week I am going to be working on some teacher canvases that will sell for $20 – keep your eyes peeled for those as I am sure they will go quick!
Here are some yummy pictures for you this week:
Pinned Image
I think I need this dress!
Pinned Image
And these shoes!
Pinned Image
And these braclets
Pinned Image
And after all that shopping - I need to go to the Dollar Store for these cutties!
Cuteness...good thing my birthday and Mother's day are coming up for all these fun things!

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