Thursday, May 31, 2012

My truths...

I have been thinking about this post for a long time – it is scary, but so important for me to get it out there and so important for you to see the real me.

I do believe we all need to tell each other our struggles....our truths. I think once we hear someone else has a “not perfect life” it is SO much easier to let our guard down and acknowledge our “not perfect life” but also realize – no life is meant to perfect…really, how boring would that be?!?!

Here are some of my truths:

I thank God everyday for Him protecting me from cancer coming back, and I honestly do believe I am a walking miracle. AND I wonder what it is He has in store for me with this miracle.

I get a pit in my stomach anytime someone wants to talk about me – I am not good talking about me. I am a great listener and talker about other people, but I don’t like to talk about me…crazy that I can write about me though.

I don’t feel like I am an actual artist – not sure if I ever will feel like I am…not sure why or what will make me feel like one??

I probably drink too much coffee…not probably – I do, but man, I love it.

I cannot be a FULL TIME stay at home mom – momma needs Mother’s Day Out a few times a week!

We aren’t starting Ian in Kindergarten this year and it drives me NUTS when people say, “oh so you are holding him back?” No, I am doing him a favor by letting him mature a little more while he hangs out in “advanced pre-k”

The thought of going into stores to ask them to sell my art is maybe one of the scariest things – seriously, scary than chemo for me…what if they say no? Then what, where will I be with my business if no one buys my stuff?

So many people have told me to talk to Dr. H about hanging my art in the office…I know she would…well, I am 99% sure and that 1% terrifies me…I DON’T KNOW WHY???

I can’t wait for Ian to be able to read, so I can stop reading him Skylander powers.

And believe me, there is A LOT more truth to me. I think it is healthy for me, and hopefully you for me to share this. I will be sharing “my truths” weekly.

What are some of your truths?

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  1. So Proud of YOU!!! This is a lovely, brave post!! And you ARE an artist! in many walk in your truths and don't apologize for or lesson your light. Trust God. Trust your spirit...and remember Failure is not a negative thing, it is a door to learning a different way. xoxo ~Frankie