Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I really like posting my weekly truths, but I want to post on M/W/F but now I don't have a cute title - just "truths" be it!

I feel like it keeps me on track - yes, I need someone to keep me on track or I wonder off - too easily!

My biggest truth this week – I had a PET scan last Thursday and received the results on Friday….”ALL CLEAR!!!”

~ I am still scared to get too comfortable with this.  But in a way – in big way – I know in my heart that it is okay to get too comfortable…now I just have to tell my head!

Well I lied – I have a lot of BIG truths this week. I didn’t realize until I started reflecting.

~ I started writing my book – YIKES! I have talked about this FOREVER, people have told me to do it – to put my blog into a book and I didn’t – I was scared – what if no one wanted it, what if people told me it sucked, what if, what if, what if…but then what if it helps just one person – then that is that – that is enough of a reason for me!

               SO if anyone out there reading this has tips on getting published please let me know!

~Eric and I were talking about our financial goals and how we don’t want him to have to work his “have to show up” job forever – heck really even more than 5 years (MAX!) We were going over the budget (UGH, mind blowing boring with all his spreadsheets!) and he had a line item in it for “Embracing Income” and then said he wants his income to pay xyz and Embracing to pay abc. This really surprised me – I KNEW he believed in me and what I was doing, I just never he believed THAT much – that I was in his line items to get him to be able to stop working his have to show up job. That scared and excited me all at the same time – it lit a fire in me that I am ready to blaze.

Cancer Love Girls in progress. I am "hoping" to have them in the shop first thing Friday.  Don't worry - I will let you lovelys know first!


  1. Congrats on your scan, Renee! I seriously could look at your paintings all day.

  2. Renee,
    How exciting to be writing a book!Your artwork is beautiful too!