Monday, July 9, 2012

Manic Monday

Let’s all just say it together… “I can’t believe it’s not butter…oh, I mean it is Monday.”  FOR REALS!

We had a great vacation up at Eric’s parent’s lake house.  The weather was perfect, the kids loved being together and the adults tried to soak in every moment.

A snack was caught (gross!) but all the boys though Uncle Patty Cakes was the king of the world when he held it for them all to touch.

Now for our Manic Monday pictures - all projects I want to to find the time!
Pinned Image
I am pretty sure I can paint something like this on a lampshade! I will take pictures of the final project once I am done!
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I don't love the fabric choices, but I love the idea! Eric is NOT aware this is on my radar...he might not know it is until it is done!
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How great is that globe? There isn't a how to on the link, but I think I can cut out letters on my cricut, tape them down and paint it...again, I will take pictures of the process!

Are there any projects y'all have in mind for the rest of the summer? Let me know - I love hearing about projects!

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