Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday – really, yeah I have NO idea where that came from!
I updated my Etsy shop with 15 new “Cancer Love Girls”

I added two new elements to these pictures that I think you are going to love - I know I do!

The butterfly - I love butterflies.  They represent so much to me....change, flying freely, beauty and much more. I love the little danty butterfly added to the girls - makes them more playful.

I have hand-written a special message on the back of each one of these.  A message of encouragement, love, hope, grace. It is my belief that each one of these will end up with the right person who needs that message.

I am going to send out a facebook and email notice this morning at 10:00 a.m. central time, so if you have been wanting one,  mosey on over to etsy and take a look around!

I have some plans in the works for my “Cancer Love Girls” and hope to have something to show y’all in the next few weeks!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday – I have some more exciting news – I know right – two things in the same week?!?!
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I can't find the original source of this one

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Sorry I don't have more eye candy - I am beat down from getting everything on Etsy - enjoy!

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