Sunday, September 21, 2014

A note

I am just now figuring out how to keep all my stuff straight...emails to different accounts, ETSY convos, etc.

I found this waiting for me from ETSY convo:

Hi Renee,
I received your beautiful Love and Bloom canvas today!! I nearly cried when I opened the box because what is inside symbolizes so much but the most important of them all is faith, love, grace and hope. All of these I have witnessed and experienced through knowing you and your story. Thank you!

I am keeping the Bloom canvas for myself....I think someday it will be the perfect piece to hang in a baby room. The Love canvas I plan to give my Aunt I. While she has never met you, she knows your story and lifts you and your family up in her prayers every day. I told her recently that you started creating canvases again and she was overwhelmed with happiness. I can't wait to give her the Love canvas!

I am so grateful to have met you many years ago at C's bridal shower! Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,

THIS is why I do what I do...I know God gave me this gift to shower others in beauty and love.

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